September 17 – 20, 2018
Vancouver BC, Canada

Every year Versadex users from various client police agencies gather at the Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop (previously the Versadex Users Best Practice & Training Workshop). The workshop is an opportunity for attendees to network and meet key Versaterm staff. Participants can exchange information and learn about new developments in Versaterm’s software and in policing and technology in general.

This year, the Vancouver Police Department, together with its partners Abbotsford Police, Delta Police, the RCMP, and Transit Police, are proud to host the workshop. Participants from a variety of agencies will deliver presentations on specific aspects of the Versadex product suite, the latest technological developments affecting policing, and real life technological case studies.  In addition, various keynote speakers will share their inspiring and captivating ideas and stories.

Every year attendance continues to grow and generates an enthusiastic response. We encourage clients and prospective clients to attend. The Versadex Users Best Practice & Training Workshop is a great way to learn about Versaterm’s end-to-end product suite and to hear a variety of opinions on where the policing industry is headed in these rapidly changing times.

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